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Antique and Vintage Ceiling Fixtures

Italian gilt ceiling fixture with crystal flowers, circa 1970s (2 available)
Nickel-plated star ceiling fixture with white glass globe, circa 1920s
Small cast brass 5-candle leaf motif ceiling fixture, circa 1960s
Embossed brass ceiling fixture with pair of Steuben calcite engraved glass shades, circa 1910s
Brass ceiling fixture with embossed satin glass shade, circa 1910s
Pewter finish flush-mount ceiling fixture, circa 1910s
White porcelain ceramic ceiling fixture with fruit stenciled glass globe, circa 1930s
Small copper Deco flush-mount ceiling fixture, circa 1930s (2 available)
Ceramic ceiling light with milk glass Deco globe, circa 1930s
Brushed steel ceiling fixture with white glass globe, circa 1950s
Copper ceiling fixture with amber globe and crystals, circa 1910s
Mid-Century pineapple ceiling light, circa 1960s (2 available)
Perfeclite red glass ceiling exit light, circa 1930s
Ceramic ceiling fixture and custard glass globe, circa 1930s
Mid-century Zero Quattro Italian tubular glass flush-mount ceiling fixture, circa 1960s
Petite ceiling fixture with iridescent embossed glass shade, circa 1940s
Mid-century pink blown glass shade on painted fixture, circa 1950s
Chrome-plated ceiling fixture with prismatic shade, circa 1930s
Cast metal ceiling beam light, circa 1920s
Mid-century Leder Lamp Co. maple leaf ceiling fixture, circa 1950s
Mid-century aluminum ceiling fixture with thick glass globe, circa 1950s
Chrome ceiling fixture with milk glass Deco globe, circa 1930s
Mid-century Art Metal aluminum ceiling fixture with waffle glass globe, circa 1960s
Waterproof ceiling fixture, circa 1940s (NOS)
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